Ex Industrial Area Ticosa

Como - Italy / 2006 - 2007
Architecture, Landscape

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The area created by the demolition of the Ticosa textile plant lies along the directrix of access to the old town of Como. The master plan features the creation of dwellings, shops, public services and gardens, defining the new viability below an artificial ground, cultivated as a park, eliminating all vehicle traffic “on the surface”. The project reconnects the most important buildings in the urban tissue (the convent, the basilica, the old town, the cemetery) which have been overshadowed by the industrial past of the area, assuming the role of strategic junction connecting the “high” level of the cemetery with the level of the city. The proposal defines a system of relations and functional integrations with a vertical development which makes it possible to arrange the buildings on the altitude of the public park. The difference in altitude has been concealed by a complex system of stairs and paths which connect the shops on the same level as the city with services and the park. The latter, a mediation between monumental cemetery and new district, serves as connection to the square, the green strip and the areas covered by trees, providing a continuity of the urban tissue to the new residences. A single tall building, with 13 floors, performs the role of vertical reference among the profiles proposed by the project.

ProgramResidential and commercial
LocationComo - Italy
Project2006 - 2007
PurchaserMulti Veste Italy srl
Price€ 60.000.000,00
SystemStudio Proima
StructureBMS progetti
Building Surface36.649 sq m
Green Surface15.000 sq m