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We have by now become so accustomed to all kinds of process of alteration of materials through artificial manufacturing procedures that reinvent every ordinary gesture that we tend to forget the value of authenticity, the preciousness of nature, the beauty of all that is natural. Our familiarity with alteration by now surpasses the limits of necessity, exasperating our very desire for simplicity and authenticity which we pursue with a justified obstinacy, due to which even the fruits we eat become exclusive; to distinguish them from “ordinary” ones, we define them as biological. Itlas, which has dedicated itself to the use and development of natural resources for years, has in addition to introducing concepts as forest stewardship asked Archea Associati to explore a new field of design research, by creating a “biological collection” of furniture items. It is a matter of chairs, benches, bedside tables, stools and tables, all in massive oak, rendered precious and useful by virtue of their naturalness, which becomes an intrinsic and formal characteristic of the range. The “I massivi” collection aims to make all those objects that are so inherently rigorous as not to require the artificial and elaborate transformations that usually deprive them, in the course of an industrial metamorphosis, of any characteristic expressed by the material in terms of resistance, mass, tactile quality, colour and odour, usable in the domestic environment. Vice versa, Itlas’ distinctive skills and experience with the crafting of wood, starting from the raw materials, enables it, in a manner incomparable to any other furniture manufacturer, to make a careful selection of the trunks from which to obtain that dimensional excellence which constitutes the premise of the production of unique, exceptional items, which are in fact numbered as if they were works of art. The makers of this collection share the authorship or intellectual property of their work with its true creator, mother earth: a co-author which obviously fears no rival in terms of creative ability and pliancy.

ProgramFurniture items massive oak, made and finished by hand