Materia 72 / Protective Envelopes

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Motta Architettura – quarterly magazine – December 2011
If the protective shell has always served, in architecture, as a technological means of protecting the interior from the outdoor climate, at the same time defining its space, this has over the centuries also provided an opportunity to experiment with various decorations that have served to define the outer appearance of the architectures.
This issue of Materia features a cross-section of the role performed by the architectural shell in the contemporary construction scenario, where technological innovation provides room and possibilities for amazing experimentations and ways to conform the surface.

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Download: Ludloff+Ludloff Architekten
Sedus Stool AG Innovation and Development Centre, by Caroline Fuchs

Download: Manzl-Ritsch-Sandner Architekten
Hall for Residences “Leben and Der Unibrucke”, by Valentina Muscedra