Pool in Gazzaniga

Gazzaniga, Bergamo - Italy / 2001-2002
Architecture, Private

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This very small project deals with the transformation of one of the many small villas that characterize the north Italy valley floors. The significant aspect of the project concerns the commonality of the starting structure, one of the classic single-family houses, arranged on two or three levels, of which one half-basement dedicated to the games room. Externally the half-basement is hidden by a small manmade hill that surrounds the house, a kind of artificial landscape. The project’s objective is to destroy the fake little hill, dig it out, give light back to the games room, as the true heart of the house, building a new landscape and a new panorama that reflects on the pool, designed as the new internal patio around which the house winds. This kind of secret garden is concieved of as a room where the floor is the pool that reflects the blue of the sky. The new patio is surrounded by a portico featuring steel columns that in its turn covered by ground that re-creates the garden above the ground, supports the sliding window tracks and the terracotta brise-soleil panels. The spatial continuity between the exterior and interior is further guaranteed by a travertine-paved surface of that covers the entire half-basement level – now a real ground floor – including also the uncovered portion of the walkway and of the solarium. A set of green steps connect the garden level with the lower pool level, while local stone walls support and contain the natural unevenness of the ground.

LocationGazzaniga, Bergamo - Italy
Price€ 800.000,00