Tianjin Land 7 – Office building

Tianjin – China / 2005
Architecture, Landscape

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The project reorganizes part of a city block in the Italian district of Tianjin, built beginning in 1901 in one of the bends of the Haihe River. The request for a new office and commercial complex suggests a project that combines distributive necessities and contemporary functionality with the intention to preserve the look of the district organized on the reproposal of a minute urban fabrick that confirms the typical traditional Italian city housing characteristics. Such a formulation rejects the advancement of macro-buildings, leftovers of an intensive culture and devoid of any recognizable character that could be distinguished from today’s Chinese customs. The proposed solution is composed therefore as a combination of two contrasting models to enclose a central public space: the buildings with open-court plans, no more than four floors, search for a more direct dialogue with the scale of the adjacent houses, creating a system of internal squares and truncated perspectives constructed at pedestrian scale; on the opposite side a sort of horizontal unit, formalized in a long seven-floor block in terracotta colored concrete, encircling the block like a sort of urban wall fragment. The whole complex is crowned by roof gardens and crossed by porticoed passageways, optimization of public space use and of the ground level areas used for commercial functions.

ProgramManagement and commercial
LocationTianjin – China
PurchaserHEDO Construction and Investment Group
Price€ 15.000.000,00
Building Surface18.000 sq. m
Volume90.000 cu. m