Birra Peroni Headquarters

Rome - Italy / 2007-2009
Architecture, Interiors

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The project takes part at the historic Birra Peroni plant, in the Salario district of Rome. The present complex is the result of the progressive adaptation of the original structure, built at the end of 19th century, during the time of rapid development of production processes. The renovation and expansion plan of the general management is focused on the the last part of the linear development of the office building, a block on two levels with an entrance hall and a connection with the remaining part of the factory building. The intervention strategy involves maintaining the existing floor plan structural elements – including in a rectangular area 60×23 m – and the substantial demolition of the connecting elements. On the ground floor the symmetric translation of the long sides leads to a significant expansion of the entrance hall; the existing vertical connections are replaced by stairwells designed as a material expression of the respective functions of representation and service; on both levels the regular scansion of the workspaces along the long sides overlook a central connecting space animated by four plastic volumes which accomodate the hygienic services, wrapped in the material continuum of white epoxy resin that covers the floor.

ProgramDirectional building
LocationRome - Italy
PurchaserS.p.A. Birra Peroni
Price€ 3,000,000
CompanyAurelia 70
StructurePR Quadro
Building Surface1,200 sq.m
Volume10,800 cu.m