Chang Li King’s Winery

Changli - China / 2010 - Now
Architecture, Landscape

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The project for the new Changli winery is a big opportunity for the re-design of a wide un-urbanized area. The attention to the orography and the dialogue with the landscape let the architectural elements assume a strong semantic and attractive role over the surrounding land. The settlement hypothesis is the creation of a big green covering, which marks the main entrance to the winery, this element is represented as a landmark rather then a building. It is a check-point for the accesses and hosts commercial spaces, becoming an element of continuity with the park and the vineyards.
The central part of the plot is functionally divided into three parts from North to South.
In the northern part there are the residence-villas with a unique glance on the landscape, taking advantage of the slope of the hill. They have private covered parking places, pools and gardens.
In the central part is placed the natural park with pathways, artificial lakes and rest zones, in which the visitors fully enjoy the landscape and the green surroundings. In the southern part there are the vineyards, crossed by one service route for agriculture activities. In the design of the entire building complex the vineyards are the element of unity between the park and the winery-hotel-museum system. The western part, in a prominent position over the valley, hosts the winery building, including the hotel and the wine museum.
The architectural complex follows the different heights of the ground, becoming the iconic object of the project, being able to dialogue with the landscape and to guarantee a sensitive experience to the visitors.

Under Construction
ProgramWinery , Museum and Hotel (Xi zhang ge zhuang Village, Liangshan Town, Changli County, Hebei Province , China)
LocationChangli - China
Project2010 - Now
PurchaserChang Li King’s Winery Co
Terrain Surface451.700 sq.m
Building Surface64.400 sq.m