External facing in earthenware for the Library of Nembro

Nembro, Bergamo - Italy / 2002-2007
Architecture, Design

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The sunscreen façade of the municipal library of Nembro is formed of a complex aggregate of technological elements that gives the building its unique appearance and regulates the illumination in the interior with a filtered effect of light and shade. The system has been ideated by the Archea firm in cooperation with Favero & Milan Engineering, while the earthenware elements are made by Sannini Project S.r.l. of Impruneta.
The load-bearing structure in steel consists of cruciform pillars, each of which have been constructed by assembling four L-profiles welded to an internal platform, connected horizontally by circular-section tubes that have in their turn been wind-braced.
Special steel brackets fasten this structure to the building inside and to the wall in tempered double glazing with a central air chamber. The screen of glazed bricks is, on the contrary, fixed to the outside of the metal structure consisting of a succession of vertical metal bars placed at variable distances. It looks like a curtain of terracotta elements which have been especially made by the tradition-rich kilns of Sannini of Impruneta. The square bricks, that weigh thirteen kilo each, feature extruded holes in correspondence with their section, in the shape of letters forming the name Nembro in addition to a star-shaped cavity through which the threaded bars supporting them pass, almost as if they were pearls threaded on a string. These elements are oriented in different directions and blocked in position, to prevent any movements due to the wind, by means of a plastic bushing with fastening screws that also serve as separators.


LocationNembro, Bergamo - Italy
PurchaserMunicipality of Nembro
StructureFavero & Milano Ingegneria - Sannini Project S.r.l.