Firenze Nova residential complex

Florence - Italy / 2006-2011
Architecture, Private

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The former touristic structure located in Firenze Nova, is configured like a huge seven-storey artefact extended along a wide street in the northwest of the city. The property was acquired from a real estate society with the intention of transforming it into a residential building with prestigious but small homes: 145 including studios and one-bedroom with the exception of the corner area with apartments equipped with two bedrooms. The new subdivision was obtained maintaining the structure unaltered, but remodeling the dividing elements and the facade tops to transform the preceding residence, developed on two levels, into single-level homes. The building has been covered with a steel carrying structure to realize, along the perimeter, a system of loggias shielded by a series of perforated panels constituted of white glazed ceramic elements and mounted on steel frames. The design of the ceramic elements has been studied with the artist Franco Ionda: an irregular figure that reproduces an asymmetric texture. At the ground floor the new commercial spaces are characterized by a completely glazed facading that makes the complex’s base transparent.

ProgramResidential complex
LocationFlorence - Italy
PurchaserS.I.IMM. Firenze S.r.l.
Price€ 13,234,000
SystemStudio Carbone
CompanyQ5 S.r.l.
StructureVega Ingegneria - Lorenzo Checcucci
Terrain Surface3,300 sq.m
Building Surface14,340 sq.m
Volume40,460 cu.m