Granitifiandre Showroom

Castellarano, Reggio Emilia - Italy / 2001-2002
Architecture, Interiors

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The new megastore is found located in a vast area in the immediate vicinity of the Castellarano headquarters, on the Emilian plain. The plan combines the normal activities of the sales and marketing functional units such as library, and design workshop, at the end to communicate to visitors the company’s philosophy. The project concept is based on an analogy with the spatiality of the quarry and the open process of production and invention of the materials derived from it. Spaces and their functions are crystallized in five stereometric clear glass volumes that stand out like iridescent plates on a gravelly layer on top of which the connecting pathways are articulated. To the naturalization of the environment there corresponds the sophisticated technology of the sound and lighting system, which enables the activation of functions and lighting to the visitor pathways, which guide them through a sort of narrative through the various working phases, described by a series of backlit screened prints. The chromatic variety of product samples, set along the wall down the main access path, is enhanced by the light which is diffused from the “Michelangelo Statuary” plate utilized for the coverings.

LocationCastellarano, Reggio Emilia - Italy
PurchaserGranitiFiandre S.p.A.
StructureStudio Tecnico Cuoghi