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If the concept of total work of art or Gesamtkunstwerk may be overly ambitious for a description of the result achieved by Archea in the new winery of Marchesi Antinori, it is nevertheless interesting to try to paint a picture of the complexity and completeness, in terms of design, of the project as a whole. Archea has tackled the project on every scale from the analysis of the territory to the architectural composition to the definition of the graphic image, in every meaning of the word.
The graphic design associated with the areas of the winery dialogues harmoniously with the spaces, the colours and the materials of the architecture, contributing to mediate the anything but simple coexistence of private and public places, and of the areas reserved for work activities and those accessible to visitors.
Area has thus taken care of communicating the architectural design by creating a monographic volume on it, not only providing for the graphic design of this publication but also for the relative photographic reportages and videos. Moreover, the firm has defined the new corporate identity, at the same time planning the wayfinding for the whole complex.