Guizhou Zhen winery complex building

Guizhou - China / 2010
Architecture, Private

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The project consists of the renovation of an industrial complex in the Guizhou Zhen area, dedicated to wine production. The main goal of the upgrading, inspired by the new interest for the world of oenology manifested in China, is to increase and improve the production of vineyards and grapes, making this new reality attractive and important, from an architectural viewpoint, for the area.
The complex in Guizhou Zhen consists of industrial buildings in concrete with pitched roofs arranged in rows; the new spaces made available by the demolition of some of them has made it possible to construct two new building, to reorganize the communication routes between the different areas and to design green areas and outdoor spaces. The new squares are given character by the presence of very large sculptural elements, and the facades of the old sheds have been given a new façade, with green or terracotta.
A new building east of the area serves as main entrance; its elongated form winds into the complex like a blade that folds in four points, adapting itself to the perimeter of the adjacent buildings. The volume of the “gate” is developed on a higher level than the land, on which it leans in a punctiform manner with structural elements containing service functions. The wall of the entire portal develops longitudinally, ending in a piazza which becomes an internal court in the westernmost area; the latter, semi-annular in form, is surrounded by a new building housing offices and hospitality facilities. The main functions of this building, which only touches the ground in a few points, are concentrated in the mezzanine, where they are developed in double-height volumes that open towards the court through ample glazed fronts, while they offer glimpses of the surrounding landscape through shutters made from terracotta. The roof, in laminated wood, projects along much of the perimeter of the building, forming a portico on the ground floor that makes it possible for visitors to walk around the building under cover.

ProgramWinery - Commercial Building
LocationGuizhou - China
Terrain Surface4.200 sq.m