Italian pavilion – Rio+20

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil / 2012
Exhibitions, Research

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On the occasion of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro from 13 to 22 June, Archea Brazil has designed the Italian pavilion; it was entrusted with the assignment by the Forum das Américas acting on behalf of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, and erected in the Parque dos Atletas, an area reserved for the institutional representations of the participating governments and primary international companies. The Italy pavilion, conceived as a simple volume of about 1000 m2, hosts presentations and events aimed at stressing the excellent quality of Italian products and the progress and attention dedicated by our country to politics aimed at sustainability. The interior features exhibitions of research projects and designs in an international context, launched in recent years in cooperation with the Italian ministry of the environment. In line with principles of sustainability and safeguard of the environment, the furniture, display elements and load-bearing structures used to realize the pavilion have been rigorously selected on the basis of criteria of eco-sustainability. The main façade of the building is covered with bamboo canes, which are replaced on the rear by a curtain of photovoltaic panels capable of producing almost all the energy required by the building during the day. Inside the temporary structure all furniture, display elements and structural elements used to present the products have been made principally in recycled cardboard and other recycled materials. A large satellite image of the Rio of the Amazonas covers the whole floor surface of the pavilion. The exhibition and communication system consists wholly of screens and video projections that make it possible to reduce the production of informative materials on paper. Large textile cylinders and ropes, hung from above, define the more or less closed space in which the main activities of the pavilion take place.

In fact, the pavilion houses not only the reception and the conference area, but also three exhibitions on issues related to the research on sustainability. One of them, “Habitar a Comunidade” describes, by means of projection of animations, images and video interviews, the research project realized by Archea Associati in cooperation with the firms Favero & Milan and mOa, aimed at identifying new strategies for the upgrading of the favelas of Babilônia and Chapéu Mangueira in Rio de Janeiro. This research is accompanied by a homonymous volume, published by the Forma publishing house.


Rio+20: Marcelo Casamonti, Italian Pavilion Architect from Responding to Climate Change


ProgramPavilion (Parque dos Atletas, Barra da Tiyuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
LocationRio de Janeiro - Brazil
Building Surface1000 sq.m