Milanofiori 2000

Assago, Milan - Italy / 2007
Architecture, Private

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The design of a building in the centre of the Milanofiori 2000 area is based on the indications of the master plan prepared by EEA Architects, in which a selection of Italian firms have been asked to participate. The complexity of the project lies in the particular conditions of the plot which is “embedded” between the high level of the artificial ground – which covers the parking areas below, thus creating the new central urban square – and the lower level of the park. The building also acts as backdrop, barrier between the residential area and the shopping area and takes the form of a tall urban front capable of collecting and containing the visual sphere of the public space and the collective life. The density and overall volume of the project is therefore “necessary” even if it proves to be decidedly problematic due to the proportions and overall dimensions. This difficulty has been interpreted as a key of interpretation of the project, which has been re-modulated and “scaled” through a subdivision into two lower units, one with three floors and another with six, superimposed but somewhat shifted. The building is consequently coherent with the tall office blocks with ten or eleven floors designed by Van Egeraat, while the fragmentation make the building reacquire, architecturally speaking, a dimension that is more proportionate to the park and the buildings in front of it.

ProgramResidential and commercial
LocationAssago, Milan - Italy
PurchaserMilanofiori 2000 S.r.l.
Price€ 29,000,000
Building Surface24,848 sq.m