Municipality offices and cultural center

Figline Valdarno, Florence, Italy / 2006 - Under construction
Architecture, Public

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The project, located in the southern part of the walled city, consists of the transformation of an old school building from the early years of the Twentieth century, which is involved in a general urban upgrading. The plan centres on the creation of a multifunctional centre: library, archive, museum of the ancient Spezieria Serristori, the municipal offices and thus the Town Hall. The new building body retains the old C-shaped plan, accentuated by the extension of the two existing wings; but the architectural aggregate now plays a different urban role, thanks to the addition of a large projecting roof – which covers the entrances from the street and from the park behind the building – and a tower which, recomposing the alignment of the façade, becomes a new urban landmark. The functional distribution clearly distinguishes the two parts, the areas housing administrative offices – located on the first floor and in the tower – and the public ones, which are conceived as an extension of the ground floor, to the squares sheltered by the new projecting roof, which may house temporary events or shows. The entire aggregate is rendered homogeneous by the facing in natural stone which echoes, in a contemporary key, the constructive and material characters of the surroundings.

ProgramMunicipality offices and cultural center
LocationFigline Valdarno, Florence, Italy
Project2006 - Under construction
PurchaserMinicipality of Figline Valdarno
Price€ 4,000,000
SystemM&E S.r.l.
CompanyCFC costruzioni S.r.l.
StructureStudio G.T.A.
Building Surface3,010 sq.m