Renovation of Beijing Fushin Logistic Center

Shunji, Beijing - China / 2010
Architecture, Private

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The project proposes a new architectural shell for Fushin Logistic Centre located in the Shunyi district of Beijing, not far from the new airport terminals of the Chinese capital. The structure in the rough (without finishing details) of the complex has already been built.
The design intervention consists of defining the facades of the complex, which consists of a large foundation podium from which two vertically developed bodies rise: a tower and a parallelepiped that host a hotel and a series of apartments, respectively. Access to the whole complex takes place from the podium, which has three floors and a large roof terrace. The facing of the existing structural skeleton is conceived as an embracing band in glass, which appears to deny the very tectonic character, accentuating its lightness and the relationship with the surroundings. The transparency of the surfaces is mediated by a studied silk-screen print which covers the whole elevation, giving it depth, softness and a waving appearance: the rounded corners and the warm colours form a pattern that evokes the theme of forests and leaves, giving the existing schematic architectural plan a more “natural” image. The contours of the stylized leaves reproduced on the surface appear intense, both in terms of geometric superimposition and nuances, which vary from the red base to the orange and yellow area on the upper part of the building. The layers that embrace the shell project from the surface of the structure, accentuating a feeling of suspension of the volumes above and forming a portico on the ground floor that marks the entrance area, dematerializing the ground floor of the volume and camouflaging punctiform structure in reinforced concrete behind.

LocationShunji, Beijing - China
Terrain Surface49.410 sq.m
Building Surface6.894 sq.m