Residential and commercial complex

Tavarnuzze. Florence - Italy / 2000
Architecture, Private

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The plot is located between the Greve river, the Cassia highway and the centre of Tavarnuzze. The project – dwellings above shops on the ground floor – meets the need to create public spaces and itineraries to revitalize the urban fronts along the highway. The volumes are the result of the demolition of old sheds used to store fuel. The main volume follows the curve of the river where the smaller extremity takes on the proportions and characters of the ancient building in front. The large stairs on the main facade lead to the level where the entrances to the dwellings are located, and where a longitudinal public square hosts new urban itineraries and rest areas. The first floor, which is the roof of the shopping area below, is detached from the ground, with a transversal projection of 7 metres. The hard base in stone appears dematerialized thanks to the facing in acid-treated copper which creates a uniform volume including the prominent pitched roof: the metal facing evokes the chromatic shades of the vegetation, while the windows and other openings are arranged on the façades, as if the construction had been built by subsequent layers.

LocationTavarnuzze. Florence - Italy
PurchaserBruno Cecchi S.p.A.
Price€ 8.000.000