Tasly Hotel & Offices Building Design

Beichen District, Tianjing - China / 2012
Architecture, Private

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The customer of the whole operation is Tasly Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., which has resolved to construct a new building on the site of its plant in Tianjin, as symbol and territorial landmark with sufficient room to house the new executive offices of the Tasly Company as well as a large hotel with about 600 rooms as a facility for the existing convention centre, to which it is connected through an underground passage. This important service structure is completed by shopping galleries, exhibition halls, convention halls and meeting rooms, fitness areas and restaurants of various kinds.
The building, conceived as a kind of large rock articulated volumetrically through vertical torsions and rotations of an H-shaped plan, consists of a shared foundation with 6 floors that contains all the collective functions, and that pivots on a central hall, a spacious quadruple-height void. The spaces surrounding this void are connected by a system of escalators that identify an itinerary from the hall to the main restaurant, located on the sixth floor, the meeting rooms and a series of rooms dedicated to wellness where one may receive instructions on the techniques and products ideated by Tasly, and where it is possible to get some exercise and do some shopping.
This platform supports two towers with 26 floors (hotel) and 30 floors (offices) respectively, which are united between the 14th and 24th floors, forming the contours of a large portal.
The quadrangular outline appears to have been rounded and polished by the wind, to define a soft and dynamic solid, whose facades change according to the angle from which they are observed.
The façade is covered by concrete panels with bas-reliefs and glass inserts; in the point where the volume touches the ground it is excavated by large arches that give the building, which only rests on its extremities, a lighter appearance.

LocationBeichen District, Tianjing - China
PurchaserTasly pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Terrain Surface11.679 sq.m
Building Surface5.060 sq.m