The table of Architecture

Padua - Italy / 2008
Architecture, Interiors

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The completion of the work is located in the “Barbara Cappochin” area of the Architecture Biennial, the event held in Padua in the Palazzo della Ragione. The project concerns the exhibition tied to the namesake International Prize, to which is connected a section dedicated to the architects e the projects completed in Padua’s urban area, organized by the provincial order of architects. The Table interprets exhibition staging as an architectural “communication” strategy. The idea is to bring the project out from the inside of one of the many city palaces to make it “come down to the street”, intercepting the urban itineraries, where the inhabitants can simply observe them passing. The table – setup in the central and crowded Piazza Cavour – underlines the desire to construct a symbolic place of cohabitation but also of dialogue and debate. The object, purposely spartan, is made up of a succession of two prefabricated reinforced concrete elements (used for the construction of industrial building or parking structure roofing), 12 m in length, merged to form a single 24 meter long “Banquet” display, made with iron oxide enriched cement. The images, taken from the catalog pages, have thus been resined onto the table surface that makes up the actual expositive area of this section of the exhibition. The success of this initiative, attested to by the participation of the guests, has made it one of the icons of the biennial exhibition.