Vila Monteverde

São Paulo - Brazil / 2012 - 2013
Architecture, Private

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In the city of São Paulo in Brazil, contemporary residential buildings often deny urban  aspects that may be resolved through what may be defined as ‘good architecture’ conveyed by sustainability and high quality design.
The ‘Vila Monteverde’ condominium, also defined ‘Living on the tree’ is located in the district of Morumbi, Rua Professor Alexandre Correia, which lies geographically to the southwest of the old town (the “Copan” represents, in the mind of the citizens, the indeterminable centre of gravity of São Paulo). The project on which it is based is radically different from the image and construction method – based on iron and brick – that is traditionally used in Brazilian cities. Developed for the clients of Brasil Incorp., a real estate developer specialized in the commercial and residential sector, on an area of 2,130 m², the project has represented a great opportunity, for Archea, to create an innovative and sustainable building of high quality, developed according to precise local rules and rigorous dimensional data: maximum height, distances from the adjacent buildings and carefully calculated utilization of the usable surface. Through the use of untreated concrete mixed with iron oxide, cast in formwork made of thin wooden slats that gives the surfaces an elegant and extroverted tone, the project consists of 16 apartments, each of about 200 m², with projecting terraces conceived as “hanging gardens”, each different from all the others, measuring about 50 m². The ground floor, which contains entrance areas for pedestrians and access to the parking areas, on street level, also features a reception and condominium facilities as a room for games and parties, a ‘gourmet’ room, a gym and a sauna, an internet room and a dwelling for the employees working in the building. A ramp connects the ground floor to five basement floors of parking spaces. A separate entrance will also provide access to a leisure area with a swimming pool and a solarium, immersed in typically ‘Brazilian’ greenery. Finally, the roof will feature a panoramic terrace accessible to all inhabitants, and windmill technology for the production of sustainable energy for the apartments. The project blends into the cityscape with a modern composition that is unique in its genre, in which the role of the terraces, not unlike ‘branches’, demonstrate that it is possible to achieve fascinating interpretations for a residential building of high quality, with volumetric movements that reinterpret those of the natural growth of a tree.

LocationSão Paulo - Brazil
Project2012 - 2013
PurchaserBrasil Incorp.