Annali dell’Architettura 2008

Palazzo Reale, Naples - Italy / 2008
Architecture, Interiors

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The 2008 edition of the Annals expresses the programmatic intent of comparing the culture of architectural design with the issues of land management that need immediate responses. The provocative title “Mediterranean Emergency” refers to the deplorable situation that has seen Naples in the worldwide headlines, and by extension, to all those critical situations that threaten all of the “Mediterranean” areas, identifying areas of recovery as well as forecasts of possible eco-compatible development. This involves the elaboration of reference models that make available innovative solutions in regards to both systems and landscape redevelopment. The exhibition is divided into two thematic sections. The first occupies the Court of Honor of the Palazzo Reale with a 400 sq.m elevated platform on which the mapping of the Campania region is reproduced, indicating the centrality given by the event to the status of the management of this specific geographic area both in terms of the detection of situations and of proposed redevelopment. From here the theme of environmental emergency extends to national and international case studies: a one-meter wide ribbon floor, conceived as a sequence of text and images, accompanies visitors toward the ambulatory where the exhibition continues with the section dedicated to examples of landfill thermo-reevaluation and redevelopment systems.

LocationPalazzo Reale, Naples - Italy
PurchaserFondazione Annali dell’Architettura di Napoli