Founded as Studio Archea in Florence in 1988 by Laura Andreini, Marco Casamonti, and Giovanni Polazzi, Archea is now a design studio with more than 80 contributing architects, operating in offices in Florence, Rome, and Milan.
Studio Archea’s experience was the basis for Archea Associati S.r.l, which has since initiated collaborations with partner firms in China, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil.
In 2001, Archea was joined by Silvia Fabi, who coordinates the studio’s design work. Archea has completed architecture, design, interior design, and graphic design projects worldwide, supported by collaboration with partner firms in Beijing, Dubai, and Sao Paulo. Archea’s areas of interest and research run the gamut from landscapes to cities, buildings, and design, also encompassing graphic design, publishing — editing and publishing Areainternational architecture magazine — exhibitions, and applied research. The complementary nature of the firm’s diverse activities, focused on composition in relationship to different design scales, opens the way to ongoing critical reflection about building architecture. Laura Andreini and Marco Casamonti combine their architectural design work with teaching in the Faculties of Architecture at the University of Florence, where Casamonti is Full Professor of Architectural Planning, and the University of Florence, where Andreini is Associate Professor and Chair of the Architectural Planning program.
This policy is in response to the need to govern the relationships between Archea Associati S.r.l and newly-established subsidiary companies based abroad.
The policy’s goal is to provide a complete framework for the relationships between Archea Associati S.r.l and the subsidiary companies in order to ensure that these subsidiaries’ business activity is their primary business and that they complete these business activities autonomously and independently of the Parent Company. For these purposes, specific contracts are required and entered into, regulating intra-group transactions.
In this context, the companies part of the Archea Associati S.r.l’s holding each operate under the laws and regulations of the State where they operate, specifically regarding corporate regulations (such as director appointments, board meeting processes, budget approvals, etc.).
The operational and decision-making management of subsidiary companies based abroad is enacted on site where they are located, and the directors have full powers to autonomously carry out the operational and decision-making management of the subsidiary.


The companies, which are 100% controlled, as shown in the Group’s organizational chart, are as follows:

Archea Project Development Consultants DMCC
Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Dubai, UAE – P.O. Box 336299
t +971 4 4366323 f +971 4 4366321

Archea Brasil Arquitetura e Interiores
Rua Harmonia, 86, Vila Madalena
São Paulo, Brasil
CEP 05435-000
t.+55-11- 2894-1278

Archea Albania Architecture & Interior
Rruga Themistokli Germenji, 2
Tirane, Albania – 1029
t +355 4 452 7720

Archea Associati S.r.l. and the group’s firms pursue the following activities:

– Landscaping

– Urban planning

– Architectural Design

– Interior Design

– Supervision of the Construction

– Art Direction

– Industrial Design

– Graphic Design

– Web Design

– Due Diligence



All foreign subsidiaries are managed by country managers who operate in complete autonomy from the Parent Company in terms of staff organization, spending powers, procurement of goods and services, and negotiation of contracts with foreign customers; furthermore, they have commercial, financial, and administrative powers to ensure their autonomy in their own geographical area of competence.
The country managers are responsible for local business, relationships with the Parent Company, and financial transactions, with full autonomy in spending fitting the size of the subsidiary company.
Archea’s management chose to establish bases in China, Dubai, and Brazil, all developing countries, in order to find possibilities to open to new markets and business opportunities.


Archea Group Guidelines

The guidelines demonstrate the Group’s commitment to a culture of responsibility and integrity in these business areas:
– Competition – Competizione [in progress]
– Anticorruption – Anticorruzione [in progress]
– Human Rights – Diritti Umani [in progress]
– Environmental – Ambiente [in progress]
– Supply – Approvvigionamento [in progress]



The Parent Company has entered into contractual agreements with each company with a clear definition of roles and compensation, in order to make financial transactions transparent and ensure full economic independence from Archea Associati S.r.l.; for these reasons, when procuring intercompany services, those services are offered at market prices.


Intercompany contracts:

These contracts are written based on a master contract based on a standard contract used between independent companies;
They concern providing services or performing activities that are purely ancillary / auxiliary to the company’s main activity of the subsidiary based abroad;
They do not result in taking over activities or roles of the subsidiary.



Sensitive data management – Data privacy [in progress]