Ex Manifattura Tabacchi

Cava dei Tirreni, Salerno - Italy / 2007
Architecture, Private

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The old headquarters of the tobacco factory of Cava dei Tirreni vaunt a singular location, both because it is found in the centre of town and due to the role the building plays in the historical memory of the city: originally a stately mansion, it has been converted into a convent-orphanage, to then become the symbol of the local economy, before being abandoned. The project aimed to make the ground floor of the entire complex available to the public through a program of entertainment, shops and leisure activities, while the residential areas are located on the upper floors, conceived so as to reconnect numerous urban spaces. The original volume, distributed around a court, has been turned into a hotel structure, while the demolition of the industrial sheds behind provides space for underground parking areas and the building above, with dwellings and shops. The complex plan and sections are studied so as to offer a number of different glimpses and views which carry the eye beyond the limits of the project as such, thus recreating a new vision of the city. The recovery of every free area has been ideated so as to form a sequence of footpaths, widening, courts and gardens which expands the borders of the accessible parts of the old town. The materials chosen for the facades reflect the old manufacturing tradition linked to artistic ceramics and glazed earthenware.

ProgramResidential and hospitality complex
LocationCava dei Tirreni, Salerno - Italy
PurchaserManifatture Sigaro Toscano S.r.l.
StructureFavero&Milan ingegneria S.r.l.
Terrain Surface13,482 sq.m
Building Surface13,310 sq.m