International magazine of architecture and project design september 2021

Living design
In recent decades we have been protagonists of a complete renewal of society; every social scheme built after World War II has been totally transformed as a result of complex factors that also include the concept of “oikos”, dwelling, habitation, understood as the basic unit of society.
The request for a different and more complex use of the house, dictated above all by the upheavals of the last years of pandemic invasion, has forcibly led us to reflect on the schematic and obsolete structure of the domestic environments that nowadays must necessarily explore new potentialities by becoming flexible, modular and adaptable.We need to live in hyper-connected houses as our society and our way of living in society are now hyper-connected.Even the objects that surround us must therefore respond to this urgent need and it is with this spirit that we have conceived this magazine supplement by presenting objects created by designers who pay particular attention to these new ways of living: connection, technology, new sustainable materials aimed at the determined respect for an environment and a nature with limited resources.

Laura Andreini

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