Art Cube

Novara - Italy / 2009
Architecture, Installations

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In the farm landscape of Casalbeltrame, an old farmhouse, tucked into the vast stretches of rice fields typical of the Piedmont plains, was turned into an art center. The place is a workshop where artists share both their creative work and their daily lives. After the building was remodeled and adapted to its new function, a request was made for a volume in the center of a large square courtyard. It was meant to mark the space for working on marble outdoors and be a lightweight cover for working in the summer while conveying a symbolic value in defining a personality for the large empty space. The space has square plan on which a frame of Corten steel columns stands, defining a cubic space 9 meters of side. From the square form of the roof, a series of circular bars, also Corten steel, converges towards the tip of a strut that projects diagonally up to 16 meters. On the cables that support the large diagonal piece against the cube’s top peak, a microperforated PVC canvas can be stretched to “construct” a large shaded area underneath. In this way, the installation forms a large sundial in the square, measuring time and the passing of the hours by throwing its shadow on the ground.

LocationNovara - Italy
PurchaserMaterima S.r.l.
Price€ 157.000
StructureMap Carpenteria Metallica S.r.l.
Building Surface81 sq.m