Benci House

Florence / 2016
Architecture, Interiors

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Benci House came into existence within the walls of an apartment of medieval origins in Florence’s historic center. The architectural design of the new green boutique hotel creates a unique sensory experience by immersion in a realm of nature that is simple and genuine, expressed through the material feel of wood.  Each of the four rooms has its own wood type — walnut, oak, chestnut, and cypress — used for the floors, the wainscoting, and furnishing. Covering horizontal and vertical surfaces, the wood evokes the tactile, scent, and visual experiences of the natural world: trees, nests, log piles, moss, bushes, and creeping plants.  The vertical dimension dominates the space (through doors, wardrobes, windows, and so forth), giving the perception of living in a forest.  The tree metaphor goes beyond being just a rhetorical device, informing the organization of the common space — a trunk connecting branches and leaves — the bedrooms and roots to the ground — the building, a space that is inviting and home-like yet rock-like in its solidity.  The living room and the connecting hallway are clad in reclaimed wooden boards. The space expands and contracts and includes art pieces: paintings, photographs and small sculptures placed with a curator’s care.

The terrace on the living room affords a magnificent view of Ponte alle Grazie and the Villa Bardini garden.
The rooms’ clean-lined expression shows the care taken in the design of construction of every aspect and every detail — the furnishing accessories, the lighting, the bathrooms. Here, design and material join functionality and eco-sustainability.




PurchaserLorenzo Segre
CompanyNital Restauri, Divania (arredi)
Building Surface150 mq