Lonely Living

Giardini di Castello, Venice - Italy / 2002
Architecture, Interiors

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The exhibition “Lonely Living. The architecture of the primary space” was held in the sphere of the VIII Venice Architecture Biennial. Eighteen 1:1 scale building models that the architects selected have been drawn up for as many hypothetical clients. The project, dedicated to the artist Franco Ionda, is based on an idea of material subtraction: a 16 mc wooden cube, was excavated until the identification of a Laugerian “primitive hut”, which houses the few but essential vital functions of a life devoted to art. The perception of the space is beyond the categories related to dimension and use: the bed/shelter for sleeping and reflecting is a large tub filled with linseed oil whose smell contributes to the deep immersion of the senses in a lived work of art, which translates living as a pure affirmation of being. The building, between construction and grotto, between ravine and elementary cell, is made up by the summation of overlapping layers of wood: the assembly is designed as an Etruscan pseudo-vault composed of parallel planes, programmatically devoid of technology or constructive refinement.

LocationGiardini di Castello, Venice - Italy
PurchaserAid’A Italian Architectural Agency
Electrical SystemMartini Illuminazione - Alberto Mantovani
CompanyFima Cosma Silos
Structureaei progetti - Niccolò De Robertis
Building Surface900 sq.m
Volume270 cu.m