Nuragic Art Museum

Cagliari - Italy / 2006
Architecture, Public

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The project site is located on the fascinating seaside of Cagliari, in a suburban area occupied by various structures (stadium, low-income housing, fishing canal harbour). The museum described by the competition announcement has been translated in a project concept which involves architecture, town planning and landscape design. The seascape has been remodelled to give the site an identity, within which context the building acts as landmark. In fact, it consists of a monolith suspended on an artificial dune: the 7 floors of functional spaces (storage areas, laboratories, guest house, auditorium, bookshop, offices, exhibition area, panoramic roof terrace with cafe and library) pivot on a large cavea, a kind of covered square which continues below the building, accessible in every part, connected to the path along the shore. The trajectory of the latter is accentuated by routes leading to a series of collective facilities, with respect to which the museum acts as connecting void and landmark. Ascending from the sea, the dune rises to a level of +8.5 m, outlining the large square where the main entrance is located, to then descend gently towards the tree-covered parking area.

ProgramMuseum - Archea project with Franz Prati and MDU Architetti - 2006 competition - Jury mention
LocationCagliari - Italy
PurchaserAutonomous Region of Sardinia
Price€ 36,000,000,00
SystemMilano Progetti SpA
StructureStudio Chessa
Building Surface12.050 sq. m