Annali dell’Architettura 2007

Palazzo Reale, Naples - Italy / 2007
Architecture, Interiors

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The staging for the 2007 edition of the Annals of Architecture entitled “Mediterranean Nomadism” is placed in the spaces of the Palazzo Reale in Naples, attempting to physically underline the presence and importance of the sea, that scenario of travel between geographically and culturally distant countries, albeit connected by a common destiny. The project interprets the theme through an ordered series of port containers that invade the porticos on the Piazza del Plebiscito, the courtyard and the ambulatory, imposing themselves also on the urban scenario like “thresholds” in correspondence with the entrances of the two squares. Associated with the concept of commerce these iron yellow boxes transform the Palazzo Reale into a sort of giant ship transporting containers loaded with information, and culture. In particular, the section dedicated to the architecture of the Giant Ships occupies a series of overlapping containers, inset into the archways that design the sides of the court. These artificial spaces, utilized as actual “cameras obscura” allow the projection of filmed compositions that tell the story of the great Italian shipbuilding and cruising tradition. Other containers placed at the court’s center are used to narrate the events of past emigration and of the tragic clandestine immigration landing on the Italian coast every year.

LocationPalazzo Reale, Naples - Italy
PurchaserFondazione Annali dell’Architettura di Napoli
Price€ 440,000
CompanyDomino S.r.l.