Livorno - Italy / 2005 - Under construction
Architecture, Private

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The set of buildings covered by the transformation project occupies a portion of the urban fabric of Livorno looking onto, through the volume of a former disused cinema, one of the busiest streets of the town center, to then develop itself toward the interior until facing, with a small residential artefact on three levels, onto a parallel road. The program envisages the construction of new commercial and residential spaces and the construction of an underground car park which develops over the entire lot. The theme is interpreted as the will to rebuild a new piece of city that can functionally link the two streets. The new urban fabric is generated through the execution of an internal open-air walkway onto which overlook the small shops and tree-lined squares connected to the parking. The crossing, the real fulcrum of the project, is designed like a notch in the compact building fabric: this aspect is expressed both spatially, through the tapering towards the top section of the path conceived as an ancient alley, and in the material sense, with Corten steel wall coverings. The transformation of the urban sector is manifested outside the lot through new urban facades conceived as opaque surfaces plated in travertine blocks to construct a new-found harmony with the city.

ProgramResidential and Commercial - Archea project with MDU architetti
LocationLivorno - Italy
Project2005 - Under construction
PurchaserGoldoncina S.r.l.
Price€ 7.200.000,00
SystemM&E S.r.l.
CompanyConsage S.r.l.
StructureA&I progetti S.r.l.
Building Surface6.500 sq. m