Stop Line

Curno, Bergamo - Italy / 1993-1995
Architecture, Private

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Located along the Briantea high traffic state road in a typical urban outskirt with regular divisions and industrial structures, the building to be converted was an “anonymous cement box bought to become a center for entertainment, leisure and gathering”. The design identifies with the place and the “box-like” quality of its buildings, while rejecting the inexpressiveness that usually goes with such buildings. The façade’s dual identity is the first impression it makes: in the daytime, the image it presents is of a slightly perforated Corten steel façade, punctuated by the openings of the escape doors and the vertical slash of the entrance, topped by a projecting cantilever roof; at night, the rust wall dematerializes and turns into a dynamic vision of light points, multiplied in the reflection of the water in front of it. The plan highlights the existing perimeter and structure and centralizes the arena like an open square surrounded by public establishments. Its activities cover four levels, including an underground level and a roof/terrace that is open to vehicles.  The building has been subject to a new conversion project that returns it to use for a more anonymous business activity, linked once again to work.

ProgramRecreational complex
LocationCurno, Bergamo - Italy
PurchaserGolf Parco dei Colli
Price€ 11,000,000
SystemStudio Armondi
CompanyFalgari Mario & C. S.n.c. – F.lli Bergamini
StructureStudio Myallonnier
Building Surface10,000 sq.m
Volume60,000 cu.m