Body’s Gym

Florence - Italy / 1998-2000
Architecture, Interiors

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The property in question is hidden in the dense texture of an urban fabric characterized by the formal uniformity typical of the intensive building of the 1960’s. The redevelopment program includes the transformation of an artisanal warehouse, located among residential buildings, into a place for recreation, fitness, and health treatments. The project plays the role of social catalyst of today’s modern wellness temples, called on to animate the context of which they are part of.
Having the need to set itself into the continuity of the existing building led to the search for the architectural quality of “difference”, through emphasizing the identity of the façade. The entrance wall, made of offset mounted double steel mesh, was actually conceived as a semitransparent diaphragm, that allows the building to continually change its image according to the hour of the day: an opaque screen in the daytime, iridescent veil at night. The interior arrangement finds its formal and functional reference in the Corten steel calendered staircase, which evolves the plan’s circularity like a propeller, wrapping around itself and supporting the projecting stair treads.

ProgramFitness centre
LocationFlorence - Italy
PurchaserBody’s Gym S.r.l.
Price€ 700,000,00
CompanyImpresa Edile Turtora Cannizzaro
Building Surface1,000 sq. m
Volume4,000 cu. m