Camping Albatros

San Vincenzo, Livorno - Italy / 2006
Architecture, Landscape

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The project is aimed at the architectural and environmental upgrading of local infrastructures for tourists with a limited budget. The project is inspired by the conformation of marine organisms; the area has been arranged in a system of nuclei organized in two environmental macro-areas. The access area consists of a nature park, characterized by the spiral plan of the footpaths and bicycle tracks, which lead to the sports facilities. The ground has been remodelled in circular extrusions: two “filled” ones and one which has been excavated to create a natural open-air theatre. The camping area features a cluster of shops, cafes and entertainment venues organized in two theme areas distributing squares and services in concentric strips with paths that wind along the perimeter in a radial arrangement. The technical-constructive aspect aims to make the new service buildings blend into the environment, to cancel the impact of the buildings in the landscape. Every new construction is covered by straw and wood to create an environment which merges with the surrounding nature.

LocationSan Vincenzo, Livorno - Italy
PurchaserPark Albatros s.a.s
Price€ 20.000.000
SystemLeonardo Bracciali
Electrical SystemS.T.E. Società Toscana Elettrica S.r.l.
ProductsAcqua Sport Service S.r.l. - Pool
StructureRoberto Nocentini
Terrain Surface40 ha
Building Surface1.100 mq (sanitari blocks) + 1.650 mq (Market)