Rome - Italy / 2003
Architecture, Interiors

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The Enzymes event has supported and promoted, ever since mayor Veltroni meant to further creativity and multidisciplinary and multiethnic cultural comparison in Rome.  The 2003 edition involves Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the architectural work of the Esquilino; the program involves the inclusion of informative and functional elements, areas for dancing, entertainment, music, photography, games, and refreshments. The project is based on a staging capable of physically materializing the event through the scenic representation of a giant souk, of an Arab city, proposed as an alternative urban configuration to the existing one. This landscape of new elements is consolidated on an enormous elevated aluminum footboard which redefines the square and arranges the paths, identifying the exhibition places that are supported on a sort of “new floor”. This thin layer, hardly a step, is inhabited by volumes obtained from the  various aggregation of cubic elements, made up of a modular metal framework closed by translucent polycarbonated surfaces. These rise in every direction appearing by day as opaline boxes and by night like luminous architectural beacons. The diagram rationalizes and synthesizes the spaces making it easy to put the messages and information related to the event in order.

LocationRome - Italy
PurchaserZone Attive – Comune di Roma
Price€ 150,000
Volume2,240 cu.m