an event born out of a desire to tell the story of wine in a unique and contemporary way. The event was aimed at both wine professionals and the general public of wine enthusiasts.
Tastings, masterclasses and wine talks enlivened the first wine red carpet and offered new perspectives framing wine production in a broader context of its relationship with the world, the role and importance of regional management and the importance of respecting the environment in which we operate.
On the last day, Monday, there was a talk entitled ‘Territory and Sustainability: The Aesthetics of Viticulture’. The discussion focused on vineyards and wine cellars, examining the issue of sustainability in terms of employment and land use by wine operators. The talk was led by a diverse group of professionals, including Luca Molinari, Professor of Architectural Design at the ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’ Department of Architecture and Industrial Design, Daniela Mugnai of Toscana Wine Architecture, oenologist Gianpiero Gerbi, Fabio Zenato, President of the Consorzio Lugana, and Laura Andreini of the Archea Associati studio. The discussion, moderated by Francesca Pagnoncelli Folcieri, provided new insights and perspectives on the topic.