Residenza del Forte Carlo Felice

Sassari - Italy / 2008-2009
Architecture, Landscape

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The hotel complex built on the island of La Maddalena in anticipation of the G8 summit in July 2009, includes an extensive environmental rehabilitation project that affects the transformation of the military ex-hospital building, the redesign of a stretch of coast and rear area ceded by the Italian Navy to the Region of Sardinia. The architectural project takes its cue from a previous preliminary design realized in a technical structure called “Struttura di Missione”, a direct expression of the Chair of the Council of Ministers. The final solution is the attempt to “naturalize” the building making it “belong” to the land, leaving to the original early Twentieth Century structure, the role of the palace, of the actual building, while the largest part of the project confronts the scale of the landscape. The building roof goes beyond the idea of the roof-garden to take on the role of hillside park. The building is totally “embedded” in the rear promontory, opportunely dug out to to embed the enormous volumetry expected to stretch over more than 300 meters to the back of the pre-existing building.

ProgramHotel - Restaurant (La Maddalena, Olbia Tempio)
LocationSassari - Italy
PurchaserChair of the Council of Ministers - Dipartimento di Protezione Civile
Price€ 53.000.000,00
Electrical SystemFlavio De Vito
Mechanical SystemEugenio Cimino
CompanyGia.Fi. Costruzioni S.p.a.
StructureMTM progetti S.r.l.
Terrain Surface35.000 sq. m
Building Surface17.500 sq. m
Volume56.000 cu. m