The round table Architecture and ceramics which was held on 29 September 2012, within the context of the event Sticciano 2012  The fire continues, vaunted architect Giovanni Polazzi as one of the participants.
The event, held in the Medicean estate of Sticciano under the aegis of the Municipality of Certaldo, centred on the theme of kilns in Tuscany and the use of ceramics in contemporary architecture, comprised a round table where different realities had the opportunity to confront one another. Along with personalities as Betty Woodman, internationally known artist and ceramist, Nino Caruso, Italian artist known for his contaminations between ceramics and architecture, Luigi Ulivieri, architect and general manager of the Province of Florence, Marcello Marchesini, architect and partner of mdu architetti and Stefano Collina, chairman of the debate, Giovanni Polazzi presented a number of projects by Studio Archea – the Library of Nembro, the Gel-Green Energy Laboratory, the Antinori Winery and Liling – in which the use of ceramics represent both an element of innovation, decoration and functionality, and a bond with the traditional use of the material in our country.

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